Anu Raatikainen is a visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland, working with light, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and performance. Light has been a unifying factor as a medium, theme and a metaphor in her work.

Anu graduated from Finnish Academy of Fine Arts with a Master´s Degree in December 2017 and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Japan and Italy. Her last solo exhibitions were held at Vaasa art Hall in Vaasa and at MUU Gallery in Helsinki. She will have her next exhibition at the Oksasenkatu 11 gallery in summer 2021. In addition to her own artistic practice Anu has acted as a curator in Material Light group exhibition, organized in collaboration with MUU Artist Association and Finnish Light Art Society FLASH in January 2021. Anu has also been FLASH´s board secretary from 2019 onwards.

Anu has developed a unique technique of light drawing that makes use of special painting medium and paper. She has found something new in this light drawing technique that plays with concepts of materiality and surface. By mixing pictorial references in her drawings from archaic expressive styles and sci-fi to pictorial subjects referring to biological and anatomical imagery, she feels she has found her own visual language that combines impressions and ghosts of the past and future, nature and technology.

In addition to many other aspects of light, she is interested in the affectivity of it, how light seems to attract us humans in an instinctual way. For her it appears as a fascination towards objects of light, as they seem to her in some way alive. Her works create their own strange world between the material and immaterial, familiar and the alien, where light is the unifying, vitalizing force of the works.

Maybe light attracts us because we are animals of day light and sun, at least until the invention of the light bulb we were. We know subconsciously that light represents life. And maybe that´s why there´s this uncanny aspect in artificial light – it mimics the sun but lacks the life.


Tulossa / Coming up

2021 Material Light (second edition), Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu, curator in group exhibition

Menneet / Recent

Geminal, Oksasenkatu 11 gallery, July 2021

Curator in Material Light – group exhibition at MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Space, Cable Factory, Helsinki, in January 2021
Material Light webinar: https://vimeo.com/506143470

Living creatures, Vasa Art Hall, 24.10.-5.12.2020

Wiurial Summer group exhibition, Salo, FInalnd, 2020

One of the curators in FLASH Virtual Residency 2020 pilot project. Other two curators: Andrea Kovacs (Hungary) and Christina Dvinge (Denmark). 6 participants were involved from Mexico, Hungary, Russia and Finland.

Consciousness screen, MUU Galleria, Helsinki, solo show, Nov-Dec 2019

Panel discussion about light in art and design ‘Seeing and experiencing light – Light as a creator of illusion in mind and eye’ 13.9.2019

Anima Mundi 2019 / Consciousness, Venice, Italy, group show. Poster created and owned by Itsliquid group.

Wave function tree spirit, Kura Gallery, Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan, in April 2019

Performance in a group show FLASH1 – Valon rajalla, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 21. and 29.10.2017 (photo by Ainu Palmu)

360, Galleria Harmaa, Turku, 15.7.-20.8.2017, yksityisnäyttely, solo exhibition

Animal and the Logic of Others, Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki, 9.6.-30.7.2017, ryhmänäyttely, group exhibition. Poster by Caspar Stracke

Kesärulla, Summer roll, SIC, Helsinki, 3.6.-2.7.2017, ryhmänäyttely, group exhibition

Proposition for waiting for the Future, Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki, 13.-16.5.2017 kurssinäyttely, collaborative workshop

Fondia- galleria, ryhmänäyttely, group exhibition

Suomen kirjallisuuden seura, Tieteiden yö, Finnish Literary Society, Night of the Science, 2017

Videokanava Festival 2016, screenings in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere, 5.11.-10.12.2016 and a solo exhibition in Videokanava online gallery in 2017

Project room, Helsinki, ryhmänäyttely, group exhibition

Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki, ryhmänäyttely, group show (poster design by Petri Summanen)